International Print Exhibition, Thai and Japan, 2OO5

日本・タイ 国際版画展 2OO5


京都市美術館 別館

Exhibition in Kyoto

at Kyoto City Art Museum, Annex

On View: September 27 - October 8, 2005




Thailand rivals China as a foremost center for print activity in Asia. In recent years, excellent print artists have emerged in Thailand one after the other so by now their mastery is indisputable.
Since1980 the Asian Art Museum in Fukuoka, Kyushu, has had extensive art exchange with Thailand, adding eagerly to its collection of Thai works and supplementing it with works from other Asian countries. They have noted in particular the high level of the Thai prints.

The Japan-Thailand exhibition, held in conjunction with Silpakorn University, included 94 works by 48 Thai print artists and was held at Kyoto City Art Museum as well as the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, attracting many visitors.




Exhibition in Fukuoka

at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka

On View : December 8 - 18, 2005