このような情勢を憂慮して、全国組織をもつ日本唯一の版画団体展である「社団法人 日本版画協会」の版画展出品者のうち、西日本在住の有志によって2000年春に結成されました。

本会は、西日本(関西、北陸、中国、九州、沖縄各地域)版画界の活性化と発展、および新人・若手の育成をはかることを目的とし、京都をはじめ、西日本各地における大型の国際版画交流展の開催や、日本版画協会展の巡回展の開催を行い、作品研究会やワークショップ、機関誌(Kyoto版画 Newsletter)の発行などを企画する組織 となります。


Despite the firm standing prints have established as a progressive media of contemporary art, nation-wide exhibitions have been concentrated in the Tokyo area and for quite a while Western Japan did not have the opportunity to enjoy them.


Recent years saw a lamentable decline in activity among art printmakers of Western Japan. Out of concern for this state of affairs, in the spring of 2000, members of the Japan Print Association living in the Western Japan (from Kyoto to Kyushu) gathered to organize a Kyoto Print Exhibition Executive Committee (KYOTO HANGA) with the dual purpose of revitalizing the print world and of nurturing young artists.



This committee is aimed at enlivening and developing the print world in West Japan, which includes Kansai, Hokuriku, Chugoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa.  With the purpose of encouraging new members and young artists, it mounts traveling exhibitions featuring international exchange and works of the Japan Print Association members. These are shown first in Kyoto and then in other venues. In addition it holds lectures and workshops and publishes catalog of the exhibitions.